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Procedural Skills


Intended Learning Outcomes


This section is intended to reinforce your learning from the Procedural Skills workshop which precedes your Emergency Medicine clinical attachment.

The Procedural Skills Course handout and some of the video demonstrations of procedures can be accessed here online during your time in the ED. We hope that these may be useful to you as a revision tool prior to performing the procedures in the clinical setting, particularly during your Procedures Day (DPro) in the Emergency Department.


Procedural Skills Course Handout   [view/annotate inline]

Procedural Skills Videos

Wound Decontamination and Debridement

Local Anaesthetic Infiltration

Interrupted Skin Suture

Deep Buried Suture

Interrupted Mattress Suture

Nasogastric Intubation

Urinary Catheterisation (Male)

Urinary Catheterisation (Female)

Basic Splinting Techniques

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