Find a thesis in your discipline

Skim reading a recent thesis gives you an excellent introduction to what the final ‘product’ of postgraduate research looks like.

Your research will eventually be deposited in University of Auckland Research Repository - ResearchSpace. Go to the Digital masters thesis repository and find a masters thesis or research portfolio. You can search by author name, date, department or topic. Most theses are available as full text PDFs, although a few have restrictions or can only be borrowed as same day loan. Alternatively, your supervisor may be able to recommend a specific thesis. 

While you are completing your skim reading, look out for:

  • Overall length of the thesis
  • Chapter structure
  • Referencing system used
  • Layout and formatting
  • Use of illustrations, diagrams or tables to present research data
  • Academic writing style
  • Bibliography and any appendices
  • Thesis abstract, acknowledgements and any permissions to reproduce previously published materials

You can record your observations in the attached form.  

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