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Abstract -
A summary of the content of a journal article, report or book. Abstracts vary in length and are a good source of keywords.


Citation -
The article details needed to be able to locate the original publication, usually author, article title and source information. Source information includes the journal title, volume, issue, date and pagination.
Connect page -
The Connect page for each database outlines the contents and attributes of the database, and offers help and support on its use.


EndNote -
A specialised database program for storing and managing bibliographic references. It allows you to import references from Library catalogues or other electronic databases into EndNote libraries using filters. You may also connect directly to some remote databases and search them using EndNote, saving the retrieved references directly to your EndNote library.


Full text -
The entire text of a published article, including diagrams, charts and tables.


Instruction terms -
These words tell you what you need to do for your assignment e.g. discuss, compare, describe.


Kate Edger Information Commons
Key search words and phrases -
The key concepts or subjects in your assignment.


Limits -
Words or phrases that constrain the scope of your assignment e.g. time - last 5 years; geography - New Zealand.


Subject resources page -
A tailored set of resources for a particular subject, such as economics. It includes links to books, journals, databases, full text articles, exam papers, internet resources, topic guides and research tips and techniques. 
Synonyms -
Words (or phrases) that mean nearly the same as other words in the same language e.g. promotion and advertising.
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