Welcome to your attachment in Paediatrics

Our task is to help you achieve competency in the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential in helping children and young people, their families and the community prevent and cope with disease.We do this by providing a learning environment and specific objectives that, with the help of staff, allows you to attain and demonstrate basic competencies.

Make sure that you take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented and remember that you have something to learn from all of the hospital and teaching staff you will meet, and particularly from the children, young people and their families.

Enjoy your attachment.

 Dr.Cameron Grant FRACP PhD
Head of Department - Paediatrics: Child & Youth Health
Professor in Paediatrics, The University of Auckland
Paediatrician, Starship Children’s Health, Park Road, Auckland
New Zealand

myNeonates and myPaediatrics - Learning Resources

Resources to support and direct your learning during the attachment can be found in the two websites myNeonates and myPaediatrics. These can be linked to by clicking on the respective images below:

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