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  • The main print books and journals in the medical and health sciences are at the Philson Library (Grafton Campus).
  • The General Library (City Campus) has them for biology, chemistry and psychology.
  • High demand books eg required course textbooks are kept in the Short Loan Collections in the Philson and General Library (City Campus).To borrow from these collections ask at the Lending Desk at Philson and the General Library.  These books can be taken out for a short time only, usually 2 hours.
  • Your University ID card (Campus Card) is also your library card and you must present your Campus Card to borrow items.

What is the quickest way to find a book?

How to search: Example search - click the + to open the screen with examples.

Going to the shelves to get a book: Call numbers

A call number is like a street address - it tells you where to find the book in the library. The Philson Library uses National Library of Medicine call numbers. These start with letters of the alphabet followed by numbers.

  • The first letter/s indicate the subject area, eg QV - Pharmacology, WS - Paediatrics

Books in the General library use Dewey Decimal call numbers. These start with numbers.

  • The first numbers indicate the subject area, eg 302 - Social interactions, 611 - Human anatomy

This diagram shows how our library call number works:





  • Signs at the end of each 'stack' indicate the range of numbers on the shelves.
  • Shelves are organised in bays.
  • Books are shelved from left to right down each bay.
  • A number of bays make up a 'stack'.


Short Loan

What if the book is on loan, or available but at another campus?

How long can you borrow books for?


You want to read the following book.

Burchum, J. R. (2016). Lehne's pharmacology for nursing care (9th ed.). St Louis, MO: Elsevier/Saunders.

What would you type into the Search Everything box on the library homepage, or in the Catalogue search box?

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