Geololgy, Rocks and Minerals

New Zealand is one of the most fascinating and dynamic geological environments in the world. Auckland is a city of volcanoes situated on the Waitemata Harbour, a drowned river valley. Visiting its beaches and volcanos can be like unravelling its history if you can recognise rocks and minerals and geological formations.

This website provides background to the development of Auckland's geological features and assistance in learning how to recognise minerals and rocks. It provides information on the identification of rocks and minerals utilising photography and object movies of specimens from The University of Auckland's Geology Department. You will need the QuickTime Player to view VR objects and videos. If you need to install QuickTime, visit:

For a sample of a QuickTime VR object, and to see whether your computer is QuickTime-enabled, click on the icon.

If you have difficulty accessing some aspects of the website, CD versions including higher definition photographs and video can be purchased for educational purposes. Click here for ordering information.

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