Welcome to Elearning at the School of Population Health

The majority of our postgraduate courses are now offered through a flexible learning format, so most of your course resources and study materials will be accessible online and much of your communication with your lecturers and class mates will also occur online.

These pages will introduce you to some of the tools and technologies that you are likely to encounter in postgraduate study here at the School of Population Health.

Some of you will be familiar with online technologies and feel confident jumping in and starting your study. But for many of you, learning online will be very new and you may feel quite nervous about using new tools and eLearning environments.

We hope this resource helps to prepare you for your study and minimise those anxieties if you have them.

We highly recommend that you take the time to explore the links provided here so that you will be familiar with the  eLearning tools we use before you begin your study.

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