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Masters & PhD opportunities

Dysphagia Research Laboratory

Opportunities to research in the Speech Science Dysphagia Laboratory are exciting and wide ranging and you join a vibrant and enthusiastic group of researchers and students.


Current research topics

Dysphagia and myotomy

Rural practices in paediatric dysphagia management

Mother-infant feeding cues

Chronic cough outcomes

Dysphagia clinical education - simulation, virtual patients and more...

Chronic Dysphagia & Quality of Life

Implementation of a VFSS Guideline

Esophageal Screening in VFSS


Risk feeding

Exploring quantitative VFSS measures in children

Parkinson's Disease, choir & cough

Competency developing in VFSS

Treating facial palsy and saliva management

LSVT, cough and swallowing

Normative objective measures on VFSS

Cardiac surgery, swallowing and laryngeal injury

Use of digital measures in VFSS

Secretion rating on FEES

Airway responsiveness on FEES


Picky feeders - multidisciplinary team perspectives

Parental stress and experiences of tube feeding and feeding difficulties

Culture and dysphagia practice

Virtual patient constructionism in dysphagia case history taking






















Introducing Dr Anna Miles

Anna Miles PhD is a full-time faculty member at The University of Auckland. Dr Miles is a researcher, lecturer and clinician in the area of swallowing and swallowing disorders. She is the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association Clinical Expert in Adult Dysphagia.


The Swallowing Research Laboratory at The University of Auckland, led by Dr Miles, strives to improve the lives of people with swallowing difficulties through improved assessment, treatment and medical education. The laboratory hopes to reduce the risks of pneumonia and death associated with swallowing difficulties as well as improve the quality of life of suffers.

Introducing Bianca Jackson

Bianca Jackson is a faculty member in Speech Science at The University of Auckland. Bianca is a researcher, educator and clinician in the area of eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties in children. She has been highly involved in clinical education for SLTs and other health and education professionals, creating online courses for both the University of Auckland and The Ministry of Education. She facilitates the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association working group for children's eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties as well as a regular special interest group and mailing lists.


Applying for post-graduate research

Deciding to return to further study is an exciting career opportunity. For more information about how to apply and eligibility, please see The University of Auckland prospective student advice pages:

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