Writing a teaching philosophy

Online resources related to writing a teaching philosophy - one of the cornerstones of a teaching portfolio:

Ohio State University
Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement
Discusses the reasons for articulating a philosophy, as well as its purposes.
Guidance Notes Section
Scroll down this page for a section on the use of metaphors as a tool in describing your concept of the teaching and learning enterprise.

National Tertiary Education Union - Australia
Preparing and Presenting a Teaching Portfolio
To help formulate your ideas, the Teaching Philosophy section (pages 8-16) includes an introduction to the literature of how people learn (inserts 3-4).

Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
A differently structured approach to this task, requiring answers to the questions
'To what end?', 'By what means?' 'To what degree?' and 'Why?'.

University of Washington Centre for Instructional Development and Research
Writing Tips to Help You Get Started on a Teaching Philosophy
Simple advice to help avoid your philosophy sounding too abstract or impersonal.

University of Central Florida Center for Teaching and Learning
Outline of a Teaching Philosophy
Practical suggestions for the number of paragraphs and what each should contain.

2003 Article by Gabriela Montell
What's your philosophy of teaching, and does it matter?
Discusses the relevance of teaching philosophies to success in getting academic employment: includes quotes from interviews with faculty.

University of Texas at El Paso Center for Effective Teaching and Learning
1998 18-page article by Gail Goodyear and Douglas Allchin
Statements of teaching philosophy
The full-length source document behind the advice given on most portfolio websites.

University of Hawaii
Philosophy of Teaching Statements "Let the brainstorming begin!"

Sample statements of teaching philosophies from faculty
University of Saskatchewan
Ohio State University
University of Central Florida
University of Georgia - A fluent and individual statement from a lecturer in Women's Studies & Research Methods.

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