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Teaching portfolios

Presenting yourself as a teacher for key career moments (continuation, promotion, job application, teaching awards) is usually done via a teaching portfolio. The type and size of teaching portfolio is likely to differ according to its purpose and should usually be specified in the policy or guidelines accompanying any such process. The Teaching Catalyst Programme helps you construct an effective and persuasive teaching portfolio for continuation or promotion. Enrol in the Teaching Catalyst Programme via Career Tools.

The growing body of literature on Teaching Portfolios together with extensive web resources which give a window on portfolio use across the global academic community have contributed to the consensus view that they are the best way to assess teaching performance. In 2004 the report by a Future Heads project team, 'Raising the Profile of Teaching Portfolios', endorsed ten major principles for preparing Teaching Portfolios at UoA, together with a generic model specification. Following this the University's Academic Audit recommended for implementation in 2005 the "means of raising the profile and use of teaching portfolios by a larger number of staff."

Teaching Portfolios have both an institutional and a 'teacherly' purpose. In the summative sense, they constitute a formal, verifiable record of work, they satisfy the demand for accountability, and they assist the process of applying for and conferring rewards and recognition. In the formative sense, they allow insight into practice arising from reflection, they can be a foundation for dialogue with others, and they offer a chance to display teaching accomplishments.

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