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3.6 But it's ALL important!

Hua and Markus struggle with their readings while Mele juggles being a student, wife and mother...

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Caption: After their visit to the library, Markus visits Hua at home...

Hua is sitting in her room. Her desk is overflowing with books and printouts. Markus walks in, an L&P in one hand and his laptop under his arm.

Markus:       Wow! Hard at work!

Hua:            It’s so much to read! And I’m nowhere near the end!

Markus stands over Hua and peers at the book she’s reading.

Markus:       Why do you use so much highlighter?

Hua:            To know what’s important.

Almost all text on the page is highlighted.

Markus:       You mean it’s all important?!

Hua:            (almost in tears) How can I tell? I’m good with numbers and music! You read more than I do!

Markus sits down on the bed.

Markus:       I read the entire “Lord of the Rings” twice before I was 16. And now I can’t handle three articles.

Hua:            We must be doing something wrong.

Hua’s phone beeps. She reads the message she just received.

Hua:            Mele’s inviting us to lunch with her family tomorrow.

Markus:        Should we bring something?

Hua:            (texting, still depressed) More highlighters, possibly.

The next morning at Mele's house...

Mele’s standing at the table covered with salad bowls and oven trays, phone in one hand, shouting to someone.

Mele:           And get some more bread! (turning to her son) Asipeli! Did you do your school reading?

Asipeli comes in carrying a pile of books almost bigger than him. Mele smiles a little worriedly, looking at the huge pile.

Asipeli:       Yes, mum. Here, I brought you yours.

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