Misha Garg, BE (Hons) (Biomedical Engineering), 3rd year 
Before I came in I thought I would just get dropped into this big world and I would have to find my way myself, but it wasn’t like that at all. There’s a lot of support at university, whether it comes from the lecturers themselves or other students.

Joseph Moukhtar, BSc (Physiology), 2nd year
I expected quite a big jump from high school in terms of difficulty and the amount I’d have to study for university, it’s actually quite a daunting kind of thing to look forward to. But as I jumped in and kind of learned to live with it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

James Hucklesby, BSc (Biomedical Science), 3rdyear
It’s really more about having more freedom. I mean, I don’t think coming from a New Zealand high school all the way through was for me very much just like a roll-over. But the big difference that I was expecting was really it to be a lot harder – but that wasn’t really the case. It was more just more volume of the same thing.

Stephanie Shen, BSc (Food Science and Nutrition), 2nd year
I think the huge emphasis is on balance. Because you’re not having your teachers with you anymore holding your hands. You’re having yourself and people around you helping you along the way but ultimately it was you balancing everything.

Ben Wedd, BCom and BSc, 5th year
So I expected university would have a lot of large lectures with lots of people from a diverse background. And that expectation was pretty well met. I also expected that there would be quite a heavy assignment load, but there was actually a few less assignments than I expected. But the research and reading required for those assignments was pretty rigorous.