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Psychiatric Assessment Teaching Scenarios



These teaching scenarios are designed as a resource for trainees to perform psychiatric assessments based on the training videos provided.

It has been developed to assist trainees in areas such as:

  • Observing and reporting mental status findings

  • Formulating a diagnosis

  • Making a provisional management plan

Learning Tasks

Learning Tasks

There are 5 patient interviews (scenarios) to choose from. Each interview has a corresponding discussion.

As you watch each interview you need to obtain:

  • The patient’s clinical history
  • The patient’s mental status findings

After watching the interview:

  • Report mental status findings
  • Formulate a diagnosis
  • Formulate a management plan
  • Compare your answers with the model answers provided

Watch the discussion between the interviewing doctor and the senior doctor.



To get the most out of your learning experience:

  • You may want to note your findings as you watch

  • Ask yourself how the interview techniques could be improved

  • Think about how you would do things differently

  • Notes on MSE are available by clicking the “MSE Notes” button


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