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Introduction to the ABC Learning Design 'Thinking Tool'

This online tool, a component of the ABC Learning Design toolkit from University College London (licensed under CC BY NC SA 4.0) can help with course redevelopment, for example to consider learning and teaching strategies in a course module. You can identify the current state of a course and reflect on the type of learning before you meet face-to-face with a learning designer to consider potential changes.


The blended learning graph

Reflect on how much learning and teaching in the course is currently offered face-to-face or online and what mix you would like to use in the future. Move the slider to identify the "current" and "future" blend. 


The six learning types: Identify methods and the amount used 

  •  Move the slider on the component graph to identify how much of this type of learning is used or desired in the course.
  • Tick those activities and strategies that are true for the current state of the course. Ticking a method means it is automatically ticked on the right side. Untick on the right if you wish to change it. While the activities are grouped into more commonly used, often low-tech, and digital groupings, this should not be seen to imply any preference or hierarchy. 



The graphic on the bottom of the page is created through your decisions and visualises the current and future state of the course.

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