Stage presence


It is not just how you stand  that is important. Remember that you are the focus of your audience's attention. They will notice how you speak, gesture, stand, and dress i.


Developing your speaking style is important. The more you practice speaking, the higher the chance of identifying any kind of gesturing that might distract the attention of the audience. This is especially true if you video record yourself practicing.

As a generalisation, less is more when it comes to projecting yourself in front of an audience.

Dress style

Pay attention to what you will be wearing: use comfortable clothes and shoes. Being clean and tidy (men, remember to shave and to iron your shirt) gives the audience a good first impression.



Try to be polite before even beginning your talk. You can start your talk with a simple “Good Morning/Afternoon”, and avoiding salutes like: “What’s up?”, “So…”… When you are polite to your audience, they tend to be polite towards you.

In case you have been introduced by someone, remember to thank that person for the introduction.

If you check the Videos section you will find some good tips on these subjects.

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