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Introduction to GrammarSmart

GrammarSmart is an interactive self-study grammar module. It highlights some common troublespots experienced by students of English as an additional language (EAL). Each unit of work has objectives, a quiz to help you assess how much you know and identify your problem areas, review notes for the grammar feature, practice activities to help you internalise the rules, and challenge tasks to use the grammar feature in various contexts.


Why study grammar?

"Grammar is the fundamental organising principle of language......It is what gives sense to language. Studying grammar is the business of taking a language to pieces to see how it works."

Crystal, D. (2004). Rediscover grammar. 3rd ed. Essex: Pearson Education.

So, get started and be smart about English grammar!


GrammarSmart is NOT to be read like a book. The best way to proceed is to do the Self-Analysis to identify the grammar feature that poses the most difficulty for you and start there. Review that feature often before moving on to another feature. 

The APA referencing style is used for all references to source texts in these units. Please check with your department for the referencing style you need to use for your discipline.

If you would like feedback on your writing for the challenge tasks, email us your writing as an attachment. We would also like your comments on this online resource. Please take some time to complete the Feedback form. Thank you.

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