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Using the t-procedures app to find standard errors, t-multipliers and P-values for four different applications

You can use the t-procedures app to quickly and easily find values for standard errors, t-multipliers and/or P-values for four different applications:

  • Single mean
  • Single proportion
  • Difference between two means
  • Difference between two proportions

For this app, you can either use the online version or the Excel version. Note that the latter will only work in Excel. Don't bother opening it using Google Sheets as it won't work! Here it is:


Using Excel functions to find t-multipliers & calculate P-values

Here are one-page instruction sheets on how to use Excel functions to quickly and easily find: 

a t-multiplier   [open in new window|view inline]

a P-value   [open in new window|view inline]

Want to know how to insert symbols in Word? eg mu, sigma...

Useful symbols if you are using Word to type up confidence interval and/or hypothesis test formulae:

Useful symbols

Note that the entirety of this document only works in Word - if you open this in Google Docs it won't be able to handle some of the symbols, particularly the ones with hats!

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