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Submitting your assignment


Good presentation implies you have put effort into the assignment, but fancy bindings, folders and colour printing will not influence your marks. Use plain A4 paper, stapled at one corner. 

Ensure the front page includes:

  • name
  • ID number
  • course name
  • code code
  • assignment title

You can put your name and ID number in the header of every page, in case your pages become separated. 

Use a simple font in a good size (eg, calibri, arial, 12 pt) and 1.5 line spacing. Use sub-headings and single spaces between paragraphs to make your essay easier for your marker to read. Make sure that every citation is referenced and that everything in your reference list is actually cited in the text. Referencing and citations


Check where and when to submit your assignment. Some lecturers accept electronic submissions, others prefer a paper copy. Paper copies are usually submitted at the Student Resource Centre, Old Biology Building on the City Campus. Courses run on the Tamaki Campus or at the Leigh Marine Laboratory may have different hand in locations.


Many lecturers require you to upload your assignment to Turnitin before submission. Turnitin is anti-plagiarism software that checks for similarities between your assignment and webpages, electronic journal articles, ebooks, as well as assignments from other students in your course, from previous years and from other universities around the world. Your lecturer should register all students in the class and provide you with a class login and password. You should get an automated email from Turnitin providing instructions.

Depending on the settings, you may be able to submit multiple copies of your assignment before the due date so you can check that your assignment has no problems with plagiarism. Often, the software gives a high “matching score” just because you used similar references with the same formatting. Don’t worry – your lecturer will check every assignment and notice that this has occurred. 

Information on using Turnitin and some Turnitin faqs.

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