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General Info

PG ICAMH Handbook & Uni Calendar

The postgraduate study in Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Handbook can be found here

University Calendar (Regulations)

The Calendar gives the regulations for all programmes, including the postgrad ICAMH ones, and a link is given here.

For Certificate & Diploma, go to Programmes, then to Medical & Health Sciences, then Certificates and Diplomas and finally Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences – PGCertHSc

For the Masters, go to Programmes, then to Medical & Health Sciences, and then to The Degree of Master of Health Practice – MHlthPrac 

Teaching Staff


HOD, Head of Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland.



Prof Sally Merry

Dr Sally Merry is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, Professor and Head of the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland. Sally has a special interest in anxiety disorders, teenage depression and early intervention. She is currently principal investigator for studies of E-Therapy and Mobile Phone technology as interventions for young people with depression, and studies of effective interventions for infants with mental health problems. Sally was involved in establishing these postgraduate courses for community mental health workers at the University of Auckland. Sally teaches medical students and registrars and supervises doctoral students. She chairs the New Zealand Branch of the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Sally has been involved developing an integrated plan for services from health promotion to specialist care for infants in South Auckland.




Rawiri Wharemate - Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou, Tainui, Ngati Pukenga


Rāwiri Wharemate is of Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou, Tainui, Ngāti Pūkenga descent. Rawiri has been the Kaumātua for Werry Centre for Teaching and Research in ICAMH since its inception in 2003 and is a member of the PG ICAMH Advisory group. Matua Rawiri has extensive experience in the Child and Youth Mental Health field. Under the guidance of our Kaumātua the Teaching Team strives to embrace the principles and values of the Tiriti ō Waitangi and Whānau Ora and to maintain strong alignment with Māori Models of Care. 


ICAMH Teaching Staff


Mr Vas Ajello is a clinical psychologist and a Professional Teaching Fellow in the Department. He has with particular training and experience in working with children and adolescents, and their families. Vas has been involved in teaching the Postgraduate Certificate in Infant, Child & Adolescent Mental Health for several years and is the Certificate coordinator.









Tania Cargo - Ngati Maru me Ngati Manu,

Tania Cargo is a Clinical Psychologist and a senior lecturer in the Department. Being Maori, Tania is also involved in working with colleague Rawiri Wharemate on issues that affect Maori working in the area of child and adolescent mental health. Tania’s clinical work has been with both adults and children in hospital, community and educational settings.


Grant Christie,

Dr Grant Christie is a Child and Adolescent and Addiction Psychiatrist and a senior lecturer in the Department. Grant has been working in youth addiction services in NZ and Australia for over 15 years. He is Lead Clinician at CADS Youth Service and passionate about improving the treatment of young people at risk of addiction and enhancing the management of co-existing problems (CEP) in mental health services and primary care. He has developed a number of youth addiction treatment resources that are used widely in NZ and further afield, and has acted in various advisory roles for the MOH in this area. Grant is involved in developing youth addiction treatment via internet and app based modalities. 



Sarah Hetrick,

Dr Sarah Hetrick is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Youth Mental Health in the Department and an honorary Principal Fellow in the Centre of Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne with strong collaborative working partnerships with Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health where she worked until 2017. While in Australia she worked in a headspace service with young people aged 12 to 25. She has expertise in evidence synthesis, including as an editor for the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group. She has written a suite of reviews on the treatment of depression and suicide risk in young people; the results of which underpin recommendations in a number of international Clinical Practice guidelines. She is now leading work on digital interventions to assist young people to manage intense emotions, including suicidal ideation and to prevent self-harm.



Hiran Thabrew,


Dr Hiran Thabrew is a dual trained Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Paediatrician and a senior lecturer in the Department. Hiran has a keen interest in promoting integrated and evidence-based approaches to sustaining and improving the mental health of children, young people and their families. Hiran is a senior lecturer in the Department and Director of the Werry Centre for Education & Research in ICAMH. Hiran also enjoys being part of the Paediatric Consultation Liaison Service at Starship Hospital.


Trecia Wouldes


Dr Trecia Wouldes is a developmental psychologist and an Associate Professor in the Department, and Associate Dean (Equity) for the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. The focus of Trecia’s teaching and research is the health, mental health and development of children exposed to biological and/or psychological insults prenatally or during early childhood. She is currently the Director of the Auckland, New Zealand site of the 5-site Infant Development, Environment And Lifestyle (IDEAL) study investigating the developmental outcomes of children born to mothers who used methamphetamine during their pregnancy. Through her research, Trecia has developed a special interest in the provision of evidence-based interventions for infants, toddlers and pre-school children.






Dept. of Psychological Medicine
Faculty Of Medicine & Health Sciences
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019


22-30 Park Avenue
Building 507
Dept. of Psychological Medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Auckland
Park Road

Learning Hours

The general guideline is 10 student learning hours per course point


150 student learning hours for a single semester course (15 points)

300 student learning hours for a double semester course (30 points)

Student learning hours include all course related activities - reading, writing, attendance, completing assignments

Given that most semesters run for 15 weeks, this translates to an average of 10 hours per week for one course and 20 hours per week for two courses during semester time 



In all courses, use is made of Canvas, the online teaching and learning management system used by the University of Auckland and others.


Each course has its own Canvas page.


For most courses, at least some coursework is done via Canvas, e.g. answering MCQ's (multiple choice questions) and posting to online discussion forums. 


All assessment is by coursework (no exams)

Grades are as follows (grade point equivalent in brackets):

A+ 90-100 (9) A 85-89 (8) A- 80-84 (7)

B+ 75-79 (6) B 70-74 (5) B- 65-69 (4)

C+ 60-64 (3) C 55-59 (2) C- 50-54 (1)

D+ 45-49 D 40-44 D- 0-39

D+D and D- are fail grades.

If a student, without formally withdrawing from a course, does not submit required coursework, a 'Did not Sit' will be recorded. For courses with 100% internal assessment failure to complete the coursework will result in a 'Did not Complete' being recorded. In either case a DNS or DNC is equivalent to a fail grade.

General Handbooks

The Medical and Health Sciences Postgraduate Prospectus can be found here


The Māori and Pacific Health Career Pathways Handbook can be found here


Resources for postgraduate students

Academic Dates

Important academic dates can be found here


For general info about fees, click here


For the tuition fees for each course, click here and scroll right down to the PSYCHIAT courses. Note that these fees are for Domestic Students - search for the separate schedule for International Students

An excerpt from the 2021 schedule of fees is given here


Your first port of call is AskAuckland

Next, email administrator Maisie Liu,

Frequently Asked Questions


How to request for transcripts ?

Please refer to the below link on how to request a transcript .You can only request it once  you have complted the Certificate / Diploma.

Once you request for a completion certificate and plan to do a Diploma you can get unspecified credit for your completed courses provided you do them within 5 years from completion of your Postgraduate Cert in CAMHS.


Which are the only courses that don’t require you to be working with children and / or adolescents with mental health difficulties ?

The two courses are PSYCHIAT741 (15 points, Semester 1) and PSYCHIAT730 (30 points, Semesters 1 & 2)


How do I enrol in a course ?

Please refer to this link


How to withdraw from a course ?

Please refer to this link


How do I apply for extension or suspension from enrolment ?

The process is now online and the the digital application form  is available on the Forms for Students page.

Please see the new Knowledge Base response for more information that is available on the university webpage:


Where do I check course fees?

Go to  Medical and Health Sciences - Domestic fees under this link 


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