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Application for Enrolment


First, decide what you will apply for:

You can apply to do only a single course, i.e. a Certificate of Proficiency (COP)

Or you can apply to do a particular programme / qualification (PG Certificate, Diploma, Master) (see page above)

If applying for a programme, it may be best to begin by applying to enrol in the Certificate because:

  • Upon completion, you can leave with the Certificate or you can apply to have the courses re-assigned towards the Diploma or Masters
  • To be eligible for Te Pou funding you need to be enrolled in the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (ICAMH)

Please note - When completing the application form, you may be asked whether you are going to be funded for 2021. In the application for enrolment, this question is more of an indicator on whether or not you will be submitting an application for funding. If you will be submitting an application for funding (limited places and application does not guarantee you will recieve funding) please select 'Other Contracts' for now.


How to Apply

You apply for enrolment through Student Services Online, Postgraduate Applications

a video on how to enrol is available here

Notes on applying are avilable here

If you would like to see what credit may be obtained at the University of Auckland for previous study done at another institution, please use transfer credit calculator here 


Once you have provided all required information and if deemed eligible, University Administration will make you an offer.

Once you accept the offer, you will be enrolled.

You will be offered a place by the University Student Services if:

• You have a relevant first degree 
• The focus of your work is helping children and / or adolescents with mental health difficulties 
• You have completed the application and provided relevant supporting documentation requested by University Student Services 
• Numbers allow (usually a maximum intake of 25)


You can start applying for funding around the same time you apply for a place / enrolment - in September the year before commencement.

To find out how to apply for funding, see the next page Application for Funding

Certificate of Proficiency

If you decide that, instead of any qualification (PG Certificate, Diploma, etc), you wish to do only one or two courses for your professional development, then you can apply for a Certificate of Proficiency

General information is given here

How to apply for a Certificate of Profociency is given here

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