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Preparation at the beginning of the semester

Multiple identical sessions of an hour-long preparation workshop on basic maths and calculator skills needed for Stats 101/101G/108 are held in the first half of Semester One and Two. See below for more information about this [BM] class.

Also available below are some useful resources for Stats 101/101G/108 students who didn't get full marks on their diagnostic quiz (due at 2pm on Monday 13 January 2020). Click on the [DQ] tab if you are interested in brushing up on your skills.

Note that workshops in italics have already been held this semester.

Basic maths and calculator skills for Statistics

No booking required – just turn up to the session that suits your timetable! 

In Semester Two 2019four identical sessions of this workshop were held as follows:

  • Session 1: Monday 12 August, midday-1pm, Room 303-G16
  • Session 2: Friday 16 August, 2-3pm, Room 303-G16
  • Session 3: Tuesday 20 August, 3-4pm, Room 303-G16
  • Session 4: Monday 26 August, 1-2pm, Room 303-G16

Room 303-G16 is a tutorial room on the ground floor of Building 303 (Science Centre), across the plaza from the Science Student Resource Centre (where you bought your Lecture Workbook and hand in your stats assignments).

What's this workshop all about? 

This one-hour workshop held at the beginning of the semester aims to get students off to a good start by covering basic maths and calculator skills for Statistics. These skills will be very useful in future Stats 101/101G/108 workshops.

Please bring your calculator!

Topics covered include:

  • common maths symbols used in Statistics.
  • basic maths calculations and calculator skills for Statistics including:
    • working with fractions, decimals & percentages;
    • order of operations and using invisible brackets;
    • putting numbers into formulae; and
    • applying the plus/minus sign (±).

Hand-out   [open in new window | view/annotate inline]

Scanned slides   [open in new window | view/annotate inline]

Diagnostic Quiz for Stats 101/101G/108 students

In Summer School, 2020, the first Stats 101/101G/108 assessment is an online Diagnostic Quiz on basic maths and calculator skills needed for stats. It was due by 2pm on Monday 13 January 2020. There are 11 one-mark questions. You need a calculator to do the quiz.

If you had issues with any of the quiz questions, here are some useful resources to help you gain these important skills needed for Stats 101/101G/108:

  • This first resource is a document of explanatory notes, examples, and practice exercises. It is arranged by question number from the Diagnostic Quiz – use the Contents page to identify the useful parts for you based on which Diagnostic Quiz question/s you had trouble with:

Diagnostic Quiz: practice examples and notes   [open in new window | view/annotate inline]

Note that the numerical answers to the questions are available on pages 21 to 23.


  • If the answers aren't quite enough for you to work out any of the problems, this second resource shows you selected workings for some of the problems – make sure you have a go yourself before looking at this though!

Diagnostic Quiz: extra notes and workings   [open in new window | view/annotate inline]

Leila Boyle holds multiple identical sessions of an hour-long workshop at the beginning of the semester which you may find useful to attend – just click through to the BM tab to find the dates and times of these sessions as well as the workshop handout and scanned slides.

If you are still having trouble with this material, you may benefit from some help with Leila. You could make an appointment for yourself (and/or your study group) using this online booking tool. 

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