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Meet the characters

Three first-year students face their biggest challenge (so far): to survive their first semester at uni - starting with their first academic essay in a GENED course...


Portrait of Hua, the 1st year Music student

Name: Hua

Year: First year

Degree: Bachelor of Music

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Portrait of Markus, first-year BSc/BCom international student

Name: Markus

Year: First year

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Compsci)/ Bachelor of Commerce Conjoint

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Portrait of Mele, first year BSc student

Name: Mele

Year: First Year

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Biology)

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Portrait of Graham, third-year law student and Hua's friend

Name: Graham

Year: Third year

Degree: Bachelor of Law

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Portrait of Kiri Williams, lecturer in GENED 108 course 

Name: Dr Kiri Williams

Lecturer, GEN ED 108 Sustainable Cities

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