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2.1 Thinking caps

The three friends discuss their essay while soaking up the sunshine in Albert Park...

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Markus, Hua and Mele are sitting on a bench in Albert Park. It’s a warm, sunny day and they’re all wearing beanies. They’re engaged in a heated conversation about transport in Auckland. Graham walks past with a fast and determined stride, his cricket bag strapped to his back. He’s got to make it to cricket training on time and has been studying at the library until just now. He spots his three 1st-year friends and stops.

Graham:     (surprised and amused at the same time) Hey there! Are you guys cold?

Markus, Hua and Mele stop talking and look at Graham. They all seem surprised that Graham doesn’t “get it”.

Hua:           These are our thinking caps.

Markus:      They help us do higher level thinking.

Mele:          (resigned to her fate and her beanie) It was their idea.

Graham scratches his head while considering the extent of first-year ignorance.

Graham:     Ah, starting to get the hang of uni, I see. And what are you thinking at a higher level?

Markus, Mele and Hua (in unison): Transport in Auckland!

Graham:     Tell me when you’ve figured it out. (He looks with disgust at his bag) Meantime, I gotta carry my cricket
                  gear all the way to Britomart. See ya.

Mele:          We can take them off now.

Hats come off. The three laugh like crazy. 

Hua:           Time for the tutorial.

Mele:          More higher level thinking.

Markus:      (looking back in the direction Graham went) How does he still has time for cricket? I haven’t touched my
                  blog in weeks!

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