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2.4 More cyclists, fewer cars

At the steps of Old Choral Hall, Hua, Mele and Markus witness a dramatic confrontation...

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Mele, Hua and Markus are sitting on the stairs in front of Old Choral Hall, comparing notes and discussing the rapidly approaching assignment.

Hua:            I found an argument that Kiri will like: “A cyclist is one less car!”

Mele:           Sounds like the stuff  ‘Asipeli brings home from school.

Markus:       Seems kind of obvious.

Hua:            Not if you write it in the proper way!

They stop as they notice Kiri walking past, helmet on, no bike in sight, face like thunder, looking angrily at someone she just passed.

Markus:       Hi, Professor Kiri…

Kiri:             Did you see that? What kind of idiot bikes on the footpath? They’re a menace!

Mele:           But they’re one less car!

Kiri:             Yes, and ten more ACC claims when they don’t watch what they’re doing! 

Hua:            It causes less pollution. No traffic jams. And you like biking –

Kiri:             Doesn’t mean it’s without problems. You gotta consider other aspects, too. For example, I saw an
                   article the other day – Oh dear. Running late, sorry. I’ll put it on Canvas!

The three stare after her in confusion.

Mele:           Looks like the ‘one less car’ line won’t pass muster that easily.

Hua:            And I thought I had it figured out.

Markus:       “Pass the mustard”?

Mele turns to Markus to explain the idiom. Now Hua is checking her phone.

Hua:            Come on, now we’ll be late for our workshop.

Markus:        What was it, again?

Mele:           Critical thinking.

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