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3.1 One book, all answers!

Hua has found the book that will end all her academic troubles...

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Hua, Mele and Markus are in the HSB quad. Behind them, someone is fastening a bike to the bike stand.

Hua:            Guess what! I just saved us a lot of time!

Hua shows them a book with a promising title: “Auckland transport: The Solution to the Future”.

Hua:            (proudly) One book, all answers!

Hua:            Saves reading time! And it has a reference list, so it’s scholarly!

Markus:       My dad always says: Timeo hominem unius libri.

Kiri:            (from behind them) And what does that mean?

Realising their lecturer Kiri has overheard them, the three leap up in fright.

Markus:       It’s Latin: I fear the man who’s read only one book.

Kiri:            Your dad’s right. (looks at the book in Hua’s hand) Good stuff in chapter 3, the rest is
                  out of date by now. Have a good day!

Hua bangs her head against the book; Mele is answering her phone.

Mele:           (on the phone) Yeah, we’re seeing his teacher today. No, that’s fine. Just pick me up from Uni.

She glances aside to where Marcus is giving the distraught Hua a friendly pat on the shoulder.

Mele:           Where to pick me up? I think we’ll be at the library...

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