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3.5 Are you a strategic reader?

As well as choosing suitable reading materials for your assignments, you will need to use a range of reading strategies to find and understand information quickly and effectively. Complete the following activity to see how strategic a reader you are. 

Read each situation below and select which strategy you would use to best fit the reading purpose. There are no wrong answers in this exercise.

  • 1. You’ve been given an assignment and need to find sources that are suitable.

  • 2. You plan to do some reading to gain an overview of the assignment topic.

  • 3. You want to gain a thorough understanding of the assignment topic.

  • 4. You want to locate specific information in a text (e.g., the definition of a concept, or description of a process).

  • 5. You’ve selected a relevant text and want to find information you can use in your assignment.


1  2  3  4  5  

Using a range of strategies for different reading purposes will help you get the most out of your reading. Being a strategic reader will enable you to:

• Find appropriate sources.
• Gain a thorough understanding of concepts and ideas in your field.
• Manage your reading materials and workload efficiently.

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