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5.4 What did I do wrong?

Mele, Hua and Markus are trying to decipher Kiri's feedback on their essays...

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Caption: The marked essays from GENED108 are handed back…

Mele, Hua and Markus have just picked up their marked essays and silently go through the pages, trying to decipher the comments Kiri has left in a haste. Mele is pointing at a comment she can’t decipher.

Mele:           I can’t read Kiri’s handwriting. What does it say here?

Markus:       Arf - arqu - Is it ‘argument’?

We see the page in Mele’s hand. The grade is A-.

Mele:           So how do I figure out what I did wrong?

Hua:            A- is hardly ‘wrong’.

Mele:           Well it could be an A or A+ next time. If I figure it out.

Hua:            (squints at the page, holding it at arm’s length) What’s ‘keep in
                   mind the opposite argument, see Lawrie 1997’?!

Graham walks past on his way to Law school. All three call out to him at once.

Mele, Hua, Markus:       Graham!

Graham looks mildly displeased.

Graham:      Now what?

The three cluster around him. All we can distinguish is snatches of hasty questions, and much paper being waved about.

Mele, Hua, Markus:        (all at once) I got an A-, but… What’s this supposed to mean? Is this bad? Who’s Lawrie?

Graham:      (losing patience) Sheesh! One at a time! I was going to lunch…

We shift to Graham sitting comfortably. Before him is a bowl of steaming noodles and Markus is bringing a cup of coffee.

Caption: And so, the lunch is provided…

Graham:      Ah, thank you.

Mele:           Now, decipher Kiri’s feedback for us.

Graham:      As soon as Hua is here with my waffles.

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