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5.2 We're done, right?

Hua, Markus and Mele are relaxing in Albert Park, having just handed in their assignment...

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Under a tree in Albert park, Hua, Markus and Mele relax after having handed in their first assignment. Mele is sitting on the ground, savouring her coffee. Markus is lying on his back, using his backpack as a pillow, laptop on his stomach. Hua is plucking at the violin, checking that it’s tuned.

Mele:           (with a huge smile) I can’t believe it.

Markus:       The Future of Auckland’s transport - proofread, referenced and submitted to Turnitin. We’re done!

Hua is fitting the violin on her shoulder. She speaks to the other two without looking at them.

Hua:            And the next one is due in five weeks’ time.

Mele:           Thanks for ruining the moment.

Markus:       Yes, but now we know so much more.

Mele:           We’re sorted for academic writing skills.

Hua takes the violin off her shoulder.

Hua:            I don’t think it works that way.

Mele and Markus:  Huh?

Hua:            It’s like playing an instrument. You do one performance… Then another piece begins… And you start
                   practising… all over again.

Mele and Markus smile at each other as Hua begins to play.

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