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5.6 And we do it all over again

A year has passed since the three friends first met...

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Caption: Orientation week, one year later... 

We see our heroes in their new roles. Hua and Markus are both wearing red UniGuides t-shirts. We see them talking to their tour groups, but they have their backs to each other.

Hua:            (to her group) So I’ll see you back here at 1pm.

Markus:       (to his group) … for any questions, and see you later.

They turn around and see each other. They smile.

Hua:            Hi there.

Markus:       Hi yourself.

Hua:            I’m meeting Mele for a coffee. Come along if you’re done here.

Mele, Hua and Markus are now at the Relax Lounge. Mele is wearing a Tuākana t-shirt. Coffee is being consumed - but Markus sticks firmly to L&P.

Markus:       Ah, those first years. Were we ever that scared and confused?

Mele:           (to Hua) Have you seen Graham much?

Hua:            Only when he’s going in and out of the house in his new suits.

Mele:           Wow, fourth year Law.

Markus:       We should catch up before the classes start.

Hua:            (rummaging for something in her bag) Let’s grab some dinner after I’m finished at the O-week concert.

Mele:           You’re playing the violin at the O-week concert?

Hua grins, holding up a cable with a plug.

Hua:            Electric violin.

Mele:           (standing up) I might skip the concert, in that case.

Markus:       (to Hua, as they collect their bags) What was that thing you said last year? About practicing? And

Hua:            (also standing up to go) Oh, that. That just as you finish one thing...

They walk away, holding hands.

Hua:            … another piece begins, and we’re practicing - all over again.

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