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1.3 Different to what I'm used to!

Hua, Mele and Markus compare their impressions after the first GENED 108 lecture...

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Hua, Markus and Mele are walking out of their first lecture. 

Hua:            Wow, that was different to what I’m used to!

Mele:           (nostalgic and feeling old) That’s different from my high school. Mind you, that’s half a lifetime ago.

Markus:       That was a lot of info all at once.

They stop by a water fountain. Mele is refilling her water bottle, and Markus is looking things up on his phone.

Mele:           I think my six-year-old kid does more writing than I do, these days.

Hua:            (by now, well freaked out) I don’t even write! I play the violin!

Graham has crept up behind Hua.

Graham:       Yes. Badly.

Hua leaps, then turns around. Seeing Graham, she gives him a ‘little sister’ kind of hug.

Hua:              Ohmygosh Graham!

Graham:        (choked in a hug) Hi, I’m Graham. We grew up next door to each other.

Hua:              He’s doing third year law.

Marcus and Mele exchange glances. They look impressed. Looking at Graham full of hope, they both speak at the same time.

Markus:          A man on the inside!

Mele:              Inside information!

Graham:         (sighs theatrically, like a man much put upon) First years…

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