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1.1 Who's Rubrick?

Our three heroes meet in the first lecture of their GENED 108: Sustainable Cities course...

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Caption: Hua is late for her first lecture...

Hua rushes into the lecture theatre for her first ever lecture at uni. The only available seat she can find is in the front row next to Mele and Markus, who both sit there looking rather uncomfortable. As she sits down, Dr Kiri Williams, the lecturer, starts to speak from the podium.

Kiri:             That's what we’ll cover in GENED108: Sustainable cities. Now, on Canvas, you have my details - Kiri
                   Williams, that’s me - and the details of your first assignment. And the rubrics. Alright, let’s get started.

Mele:           (whispers to Markus) What's canvas? And who’s Rubrick?

Markus:       (whispers back to Mele) It’s an online thing… Never met Rubrick.

Hua:            (anxiously looking around the lecture hall where all other students are very busy typing away) Two
                   assignments?! Like, writing essays? Please, no…

Kiri:             (wrapping up first lecture) Thank you. Remember the readings on Canvas for the next lecture!

Mele:           (relieved she’s survived lecture one) Well, that was interesting. (To the other two) By the way, I’m

Markus:       I’m Markus. I’m from Germany.

Hua:            I’m confused. Er, I’m Hua.

Mele:           When did she say the first essay was due?

Markus:       (already scanning through Canvas on his phone) In four weeks.

The three exchange looks, equal part dread and confusion.

Hua:            (clutching at the violin for dear life) This is going to be fun…

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