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1.5 What's for homework?

After the joyful meeting with Graham, it's time for a snack - and coffee!

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Caption: Graham takes his first year friends to the Quad for refreshments...

Markus is trying his first L&P, Mele having bought him one. He is staring at his laptop over his drink. Hua is devouring a ginger slice. Mele and Graham walk up happily talking and carrying coffees.

Hua:            (to Markus, between mouthfuls) So, what’s the homework on Canvas?

Graham:      Homework? Seriously?

Markus:       (putting his L&P bottle back on the table after his first sip, looking at it intriguedThe reading list is
                   definitely NOT what I expected. It’s like 5 pages long! (still looking at his L&P bottle with surprise,
                   murmuring under his breath) 
The drink is not what I expected either…

Hua:            That reading list is longer than my personal reading record.

Mele:           Not really homework, is it?

Markus:       I’ll never have time to blog again.

Graham pulls out a book big enough to kill a small animal. It’s “The Law of Torts”.

Graham:      And I have to go through this by Friday!

Mele:           Aww, come on, cheer up! We all wanted to be here!

She raises her coffee cup in a toast. The others smile.

Mele:           To the next generation of academics! Pull up the first reading, we’ll tackle it together.

General shuffling around the table as Markus opens his laptop and Hua and Mele cluster in.

Graham:      (to Mele) No more sugar for Hua, please.

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