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1.6 From high school to uni: What’s the difference?

A first step you can take to smoothly transition to university academic life is to become aware of the differences between your previous education and university study: "As with many pursuits, success is easier if you become familiar with the new system" and its requirements (Cottrell, 2013, p. 15).

 Bust some uni-myths!

How much do you already know about university study? Complete the following activity to spot false assumptions some students hold before they start their studies.

  • 1. You won’t be given any assistance and guidance when writing your assignments.

  • 2. Reading in your first-year courses will be based around prescribed textbooks like in high school.

  • 3. Any kind of information you find through search engines will be considered appropriate to prepare for your assignments.

  • 4. Requirements for written assignments will be the same for all your subjects.

  • 5. Your tutors and lecturers will provide you with detailed instructions on your marked assignments on how to improve your writing.

1  2  3  4  5  

Did you find any false assumptions you held about university study?

Don't worry, most of us have misconceptions about anything new we're about to start. Discover what students and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland found to be different when they started their studies.

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