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4.3 Writing is everywhere

Hua and Mele arrive at the computer lab to find Markus hard at work...

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Mele and Hua have finally found two unused computers in the study space, right next to Markus. Mele is intrigued by Markus' work and curiously peers over at his screen. 

Mele:           Blogging, are we? Instead of studying?

Markus:       I wish I was. This is an assignment.

Hua has now joined themMarkus continues typing.

Markus:       I gotta review the programs my classmates wrote. And they’ll review mine.

Hua:            (looks bored) I thought you did cool stuff like…

We see Hua flying through a sky, or a universe, filled with snippets of computer code

Hua:            … Write code!

Mele appears in the code sky, arms crossed, looking displeased.

Mele:           And what do you think I do in Biology? Draw animals?

Hua:            (pointing an accusing finger at Mele) I saw you carrying pictures of animals yesterday!

Mele:           (angrily) We’re making a research poster!

Hua:            (back in the real world now) Oh. Sorry.

Markus:       Not everything that’s written is an essay.

Mele settles down into the computer chair.

Mele:           Writing, huh? It gets everywhere.

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