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4.10 Writing is a process

Producing any good piece of writing takes time and involves false starts, trial and error, and uncertainty. This is no different in the academic environment. So, to create a high-quality piece of academic writing, good writers follow a systematic process

To shape their ideas for their particular audience and construct a clear, solid argument, they invest time and ask key questions as they write. Follow a well-planned writing process and you will build your confidence as a writer.

Do the quiz in the first tab to identify what kind of writer you are. Then, interact with the illustration in the second tab to learn more about the writing process and the questions you can ask. 

no title - ask Wen

It’s likely that you already have a strategy for writing your assignments. Do you do freewriting to get started? Or create an outline before you turn to the keyboard? No matter what process you follow, you’ll be making a series of choices to produce a piece of writing that communicates what you want it to.

Do the following quiz to find out what kind of writer you are.

no title - ask Wen

Writing process checklist

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