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4.11 Oh dear...

What makes lecturers despair when they mark essays? Let's see how Dr Kiri Williams is doing...

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Dr Kiri Williams is in her office marking assignments from a different course.

Kiri:             “It’s well known that" - No, it’s not! Where’s your evidence? Where’s the reference? Known to whom?

                   “All the known research" - What research? Hedge it!

                   “The problem with it’s approach" - Oh dear…

                   “You can’t be sure, that you’re analysis" - Oh no. Please, no.

                   The paragraphs, where are your paragraphs?!

Kiri disappears under her desk.

Kiri:             Calm down, Kiri. Breathe in, breathe out, 1, 2, 3… They’ll learn. They’ll learn.

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