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4.13 But I love it!

Mele, her son in tow, is waiting to meet with Graham, who's offered to critique her essay...

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Mele is sitting at a table in the garden of a cafe on campus. Her little boy, ‘Asipeli, is eating a slice of cake. Two steaming cups of coffee await the arrival of Graham.

Graham walks in, bag in one hand, cricket bat in the other.

Graham:      I made it!

Mele:           Thanks so much. ‘Asipeli, make room for Mr Graham.

Graham sits down, smiling at ‘Asipeli.

Graham:      No worries. Here, I'll read your draft.

Graham:      Overall, good. But here, third paragraph, this sentence doesn’t fit.

Mele:           But I love it! It’s probably the best sentence in the whole essay!

Graham:      It’s a great statement. But it adds nothing to your argument. You only have room for stuff that’s
                   directly relevant.

Mele:           Aw, man… I understand, though. No room.

‘Asipeli:       Mummy, I can’t finish this cake.

Mele:           Pass it here. That, I do have room for.

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