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 The Oxford English Dictionary defines peer review as:

'The process by which an academic journal passes a paper submitted for publication to independent experts for comments on its suitability and worth; refereeing.'







The peer review process

How do you know if a journal is peer reviewed?

  • Use Ulrichsweb to check if a journal is peer reviewed.indicates the journal is refereed ie peer reviewed.
  • You can also google the journal name. Most journals that have a peer review process will have this information somewhere on their website. However, put your critical hat on to identify predatory journals.
  • You can 'refine' or limit your search to peer reviewed journals in some databases eg, CINAHL Plus
  • Not every article in a peer reviewed journal has been through the peer review process eg editorials, letters, book reviews.




Peer review doesn't mean a friend has looked at what you have written and commented on or changed any of the content.

There is a handy little guide about peer review and the peer review process at I don't know what to believe.

And remember to have a look at How do you know a paper is legit?

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