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Welcome to the FMHS TeachingPLUS website


The purpose of this resource is to introduce you to some of the technologies available to enhance your teaching at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. It will point you to resources that will enable you 'get on with it' and try out some new teaching approaches using technologies. It will also let you know how to get the right support if you need it.

We recommend that you start with the 'First things first' section as this will help you plan the way in which you may want to make purposeful changes to your teaching using technologies.

If you have additional examples or ideas for the site, please submit them to us via the Feedback link above.

Present and structure informationManage student activityEvaluate and collect feedbackTeach students in multiple locationsSupport assessment strategiesEncourage interaction, discussion and collaboration


The Learning and Teaching Unit would like to thank the people from around the Faculty who made the time to contribute example items to the site: Karen Day, School of Population Health; Lisa Stewart and Michelle Honey, School of Nursing; Rain Lamdin, Centre for Medical and Health Science Education; Boaz Shulruf, Centre for Medical and Health Science Education; Marcus Henning, Centre for Medical and Health Science Education; Anuj Bhargava, School of Medical Sciences; Sanya Ram, School of Pharmacy; Adam Blake, Learning Technology Unit; Helen Roberts, School of Medicine.

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