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NOTE: 'It is essential for the search to be as exhaustive as possible to include all potentially relevant articles. Therefore, it is typical that the results of the search include a margin of error and risk-aversion; thus, the initial set of articles to screen could be large and potentially seem overwhelming. However, including a large set of articles at the outset allows the research team greater latitude to be the human filter, adding precision to the inclusion or exclusion of relevant studies. It is better to err on the side of not having the database filter with too much exactitude, to give the team greater control over whether to include or exclude a study.'
Source: Brackett A, Batten J. Ensuring the rigor in systematic reviews: Part 4, screening the results. Heart & Lung. 2021;50(2):182-4.
This is a useful paper to read for additional information on the screening process.

Using a reference management tool is a good idea.


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