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Next Steps

We already know how it begins (Assess, Ask and Acquire) but what are the other steps in the process?

ASSESSRecognise uncertainties around a situation or context and current actions taken or treatments or tests used. Identify the problem (a scenario).    
ASKFormulate a relevant answerable question  
ACQUIRE/FINDSelect an appropriate resource/s and do a search.
Select a relevant result/s.
APPRAISEAppraise the evidence for validity, relevance & usefulness  
APPLYAct on or apply the evidence to your clinical situation, including shared decision making.  
SELF-EVALUATIONReflect on the action you took.  


Critical appraisal

7 videos on critically appraising various types of studies from the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders group

'This playlist includes seven modules that address critical appraisal concepts and methods for six different research designs. In each video, we walk through the CASP checklist alongside an open access research article, to demonstrate how to approach critical appraisal in practice.'

Stetchy EBM - series of short videos on EBM including RR, NNT, ITT, confidence intervals etc. List of all the videos in the series.

Greenhalge T. How to read a paper. 6th  ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley; 2019.

A very useful guide. Note there are earlier editions including an ebook for the 5th ed 2014.

Additional resources

See Appraisal including CATS under Evaluating, appraising, critiquing, peer review in the left side menu for additional resources.

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