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Referencing quiz

Have a go at the questions below. Some questions may have more than one correct answer.

Why is it important to cite and reference other people's work correctly?

What is Quick©ite?

Which are the official referencing styles used at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences?

What is this a reference to?

Reid P, Robson B. Understanding health inequalities. In: Robson B, Harris R, editors. Hauora: Māori standards of health. IV: A study of the years 2000-2005. Wellington: Te Rōpū Rangahau Hauora a Eru Pōmare; 2007. p. 3-10.

What is wrong with this reference (APA style)?
Fagin, C., & Diers, D. (1984). Nursing as metaphor. International Nursing Review, 31(1), 16-7.

What is wrong with this reference (Vancouver style)?
Wolz, M, Kaminsky, A, Lohle, M, Koch, R, Storch, A, Reichmann, H. Chocolate consumption is increased in Parkinson's disease. Results from a self-questionnaire study. Journal of Neurology. 2009;256(3):488-92.

Want to do better? Reminder:
  • Referencing: The basics

    This website is about the What, Why, How and Where and When of effective referencing and reference management.

    This website focuses on basic principles, rather than the specifics of particular referencing styles.

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