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If you want an overview of:

  • a condition or 
  • a symptom

and the pathophysiology, maybe a differential diagnosis and what tests to run you probably search Google and pick and choose from results eg Your Health guides from the Ministry of Health, Patient UK, Web MD, eMedicine, Kidshealth, bpac etc.

Try some of these databases

  • DynaMed Regularly updated with the latest published and graded research. Useful for pharmacy.

  • Lippincott Advisor written by nurses for nurses

  • ClinicalKey - use the Clinical Overviews module


For articles on gold standard diagnostic tests try:

  • A Clinical Queries search in PubMed and include the words gold standard in your search. When the results display you can change the category from Therapy to Diagnosis (and always change Broad to Narrow) but make sure you look at the results from both searches.
  • Also try Google Scholar and include "gold standard" as part of your search.

  • In the Medline or Embase databases click Basic search and type in a sentence eg
    gold standard diagnostic test for chest pain

  • In Medline search for the symptom or condition (map to Subject Heading), add a diagnosis subheading and combine this search with a keyword search gold standard.
  • Use Scopus and search for "gold standard" in All text. Combine this with other search terms.

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