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Why use Google instead of Google Scholar?

Use Google to find websites on a specific topic eg, palliative care and to find reports and clinical guidelines in the websites of government health departments, medical and health research centres, professional colleges, hospitals, DHBs and NGOS and other "Grey literature" resources.

There are useful free resources such as:

A lot of New Zealand information is produced as reports. Use Google to search for them.

Think about which organisations may produce relevant material in your specific subject area and explore their websites eg

Google Scholar, a subset of Google, includes mostly articles from academic journals. Access Google Scholar via its Library database Connect page to obtain full text articles paid for by the Library.

There are limitations to web searching. The table gives a summary of the differences between sources found freely on the internet and those only accessible through library subscribed databases.

Library databasesGoogle/Scholar
High quality resources are available to you without memberships or chargesYesNot Always
You can save your searches to rerun laterYes, mostlyNot Always
You can do complex searching Yes, mostlyNot Always
Variety of limit options eg age group, type of studyYes, mostly Not Always
You can sort results by dateYes Not Always
Information is from reputable sources, often peer-reviewedYesNot Always
Easy to search SometimesYes
Quick to search SometimesYes


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