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If you want to do quick searching some websites have preconstructed searches. These searches are usually for PubMed.

  • ALIA - Live literature searches - for topics useful for nursing eg advanced care planning, clinical handover, falls prevention, delirium, wound management, pressure injuries, deteriorating patient. All have a hospital-based setting. Similar at NSQHS - Search the evidence

  • CareSearch has PubMed searches for palliative care and various aspects of palliative care eg residential aged care, dementia, lung cancer and costs of palliative care. There are also general topics (non-palliative care) of bereavement, heart failure and dementia in residential aged care.

  • Flinders Filters (Flinders University) has search strategies for topics eg palliative care, dementia, glaucoma, integrated care, residential aged care, primary care and more.

  • PubMed Search strategies from Copy and paste the search into PubMed.
  • Integrated Care Search '35 pre-written topic searches, covering different geographic regions, care settings, populations and facets of integrated care' for PubMed.

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