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Political Marketing Consultants

Political marketing is a strong area of practice, and a number of consultants who have become famous have written their own books and articles discussing their work. The role of staff both inside and outside of government in providing political marketing advice is not without controversy, as some question the power unelected advisors might have. This section lists research focused on consultants and work by the consultants themselves.

Academic Literature

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Practitioner literature

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Langmaid Roy, Charles Trevail and B Hayman, paper on Reconnecting the Prime Minister

Langmaid Roy, Charles Trevail and B Hayman (2006). Reconnecting the Prime Minister. Paper presented atthe Annual conference of the Market Research Society, London - discussion of the work and link to download on

Lavigne, Brad, Building the Orange Wave, depicts how the social democratic NDP embraced modern political marketing techniques to transformed itself from a party with less than 10% of the national vote to a “viable alternative to form the country’s government.”

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Presentations by practitioners

Mark Penn US consultant lecture on segmentation and targeting – Authors@google: Mark Penn - Mark Penn speaks at Google about his book "Microtrends" on October 1, 2007. This event took place at Google's Mountain View, CA, headquarters as part of the Authors@Google series – one hour

Australian advisor Nick Reece - Reece, Nick (2010) Nick Reece on Labor’s Campaign Backdrop Melbourne PressClub AU., (youtube). Available at: (Accessed 4 February, 2012). Reece is a former director of strategy for Australian PM Julia Gillard. See also

Interviews with consultants

"In the Charlie Rose Greenroom: Mark Penn" Nov 26 2007, 3:44

Penn on polling - a powerful pollster [6.5m]

"Charlie Rose: David Axelrod" April 4 2008, 3:51

"Charlie Rose Greenroom: Alastair Campbell" Feb 22 2008, 7:22

"In the Spin Room: Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod" Feb 22 2008, 4:46

"I interview Barack Obama's senior advisor David Axelrod" Jan 25 2008, 2:46

"Morning Joe: David Axelrod, Chief Obama Strategist 09/19/08" (MSNBC) 7:25

"Thomas Gensemer Tells Us How He Manages Marketing For Political Campaigns" Oct 2 2009, 3:19  

"Obama's Home Stretch Strategy: Keith Olbermann and David Axelrod" Oct 23 2008, 6:43

John Utting, UMR pollster, talking about where Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, went wrong and polling


The work of pollsters - media clip into what they do TVNZ’s behind the scenes in the election series in the 2014 NZ election

Importance of market research in politics – NZ Prime Minister John Key gives out a shout out to his pollster David Farrarr in his victory speech on election night after winning a third term in government – see precise clip at 6.27-6.51 -

Media piece on US President Obama's advisors

Discussion of consultants working across countries

Discussion of influence of market researcher, value of focus groups and need to adapt to UK culture - BBC Daily Politics – great discussion of the value of focus groups in showing how voters might react to the new leader – consultant Frank Luntz who researched UK politician David Cameron before he became party leader and PM - on - July, 8 2014 - 6:37 -

The Axe Files

The Axe FilesThe University of Chicago Institute of Politics & CNN - A series of audio interviews by David Axelrod with various key figures in the political world.


Canadian 2015 Election

Justin Trudeau’s Winning CampaignMarketing Magazine Canada (November 2015) – Article focusing on the successes and effectiveness of Trudeau’s political advertising campaigns in the 2015 Canadian election, with a particular focus on the campaign consultants that made it happen.

The ad agency behind Trudeau’s winning campaignThe Globe and Mail (October 2015) – Article discussing the ad agency that created the political advertisements used by the Trudeau campaign in 2015 – with a particular focus on the individual staff, and the advertisements themselves.

Harper hires infamous Aussie spin doctorNational Observer (September 2015) – Brief article discussing Harper’s hiring of Lyton Crosby to assist with their 2015 election campaign. Also highlights some of Crosby’s past endeavors.

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