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Practising Political Marketing

Media articles and videos

Political Trade Secrets – Series of podcasts/interviews taking ‘an inside look’ at campaigns and politics. Includes podcasts on campaign management, communications, candidate preparation, data, fundraising, the grassroots, the media, messaging, and more.

Why Are You Running for Office?Political Trade Secrets (July 2015) – Article by campaign consultant Sean Bartley on the importance of candidates knowing the reason they are running for office, and how this can help a campaign’s overall messaging.

Keys to Great Debate PreparationPolitical Trade Secrets (August 2015) – Article by campaign consultant Sean Bartley on how candidates ought to prepare for debates.

Wayne Laugesen PART 2: How to Ace a Newspaper Endorsement InterviewPolitical Trade Secrets (November 2015) – Podcast/interview with the editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette on “how candidates and issue advocacy groups can ace their Newspaper Editorial Board interviews.”

Episode 4: Barney Keller – A Day in the Life of a Communications DirectorPolitical Trade Secrets (July 2015)– Podcast/interview with the former communications director for the Club for Growth on the secrets behind campaign consulting and how to effectively work with the media.

Episode 5: Joe Fuld Talks About His New eBook “Are You Ready to Run”?Political Trade Secrets (August 2015) – Podcast/interview with author and political consultant Joe Fuld where he discusses his book advising candidates on the right time to run for office, and gives advice on how young people looking to get in to political consulting can best start their career.

Episode 7: TJ Walker on Media Training & Debate PrepPolitical Trade Secrets (August 2015) – Podcast/interview with political media trainer TJ Walker discussing aspects of media training and debate preparation with politicians.

Episode 9: Answering Listener Questions w/ Sean BartleyPolitical Trade Secrets (September 2015) – Podcast where campaign consultant Sean Bartley answers various questions on political campaigning.

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