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Teaching political marketing

Teaching Political Marketing

Political marketing is increasingly being taught in universities around the world, either within courses or as sole courses, in a range of departments including management, marketing, political science and communication, at both undergraduate and graduate level, including MBAs and dedicated programmes of political management. See for example 'Political marketing has lessons for business school' in The Financial Times and graduate programmes in political management at Carleton University in Canada and GWU in the US.

In this section there are different course outlines or syllabus and relevant movies or documentaries to provide suggestions and resources for those who want to teach it. These are drawn mainly from the textbook Political Marketing: principles and applications 1st and 1nd edition but it is hoped that in time this online resource will grow further. If anyone has alternative material please submit it to the suggestion box or email me and it can be added here. The more varied a resource is, the more valuable it will be.


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