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Course outlines in Political Marketing/Political Management

Political Marketing - Undergraduate

Political marketing 2017 UofAuckland - with employability sessions

Political Marketing, using 2nd ed of textbook, 2014, Auckland University, New Zealand

Political Marketing, using 1st ed textbook, 2013, Auckland University, NZ

Political marketing, Ken Cosgrove, 2011, Suffolk University, US

Political Marketing, Eva Lebedova, Palacksy University, Czech Republic   [view/annotate inline]

Political marketing, Sigge Winther Nielsen, Denmark

Political marketing, using 1st edition textbook, 2009, Auckland University NZ

Communications - PM as subsection - Daniel Pare University of Ottawa, Canada   [view/annotate inline]

Political marketing - Graduate

Political Marketing, Andre Turcotte, Carleton University, Canada

Political Marketing: Methods, Prospects and Consequences, Robin Pettitt, Kingston University, UK   [view/annotate inline]

Grad course political marketing in government 2010

The course follows parties in power with the following topics:  Government public opinion research; Strategy in government; Marketing and parliament: Turning policy into legislation; Delivery management; Selling policy; Changing behaviour: Social marketing & government advertising; Public relations: using communication to build a positive long-term relationship with the people; Consulting citizens; Marketing leadership - rebranding &  managing anti-market positions in power


Political marketing, Jared Wesley, 2010, University of Manitoba, Canada   [view/annotate inline]

Political management- Graduate

Political Management in Government Uof Auckland 2016

Political Management in Govt - Grad Auckland University NZ 2014

Political Management - Grad - Paul Wilson at Carleton University, 2014

Other related courses

UG political marketing 2004
This course taught political marketing through the MOP/SOP strategy perspective, mainly focusing on UK parties with some comparative examples, and also included the use of marketing in parliament


UG public sector marketing including media and local govt 2004
This course looked at the marketing of all areas including the public sector but also local government, the media and the monarchy. It relates most closely to the book The political marketing revolution.

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