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Thanks are due to the following people who contributed to this resource:

  • Auckland University e-learning staff particularly Wen-Chen Hol who developed coursebuilder and continue to provide technical support when needed
  • Renisa Maki for her creation of logos and symbols to improve the presentation of the site in early 2014; and updating and reorganising the material to reflect the 2nd edition of the textbook
  • Auckland University via a faculty research grant for research assistant work
  • The work of research assistants who identified literature in political marketing during 2007-2010, including Daria Gorbounova, Laura Young, Jamie Turner and summer scholar Sean McCusker, particularly the latter two who organised and entered much of the information in coursebuilder end of 2009-beginning of 2010
  • Nigel Jackson and Jesper Stromback for suggestions of literature in public relations February 2010
  • Pols 745 2010 class students Laura Turner & Melanie Tuala for links on selling policy and war; Shawn Moodie, Sam Henderson, Ashlee Ruff and Phillip Wakefield for links on delivery management; Peter Wilson and Bailey Duggan for PR youtube links; and Laura Young and Robin Campbell on consultation
  • Pols 345 2010 students: Pasan Jayasinghe for OpenLabour NZ
  • Alex Marland from Memorial University in Canada had a research assistant search new sources on political marketing in Canada and the US; and kindly shared them with me, and they were added to the site in December 2010.
  • Colleagues Eva Lebedova, Sigge Winter Nielson and Daniel Pare who shared their course outlines.
  • Stephen Mills, former practitioner and current PhD student University of Sydney who suggested the site for 2010 Australian election leaflets
  • The work of research assistant Robin Campbell to update the literature and improve presentation of the website in 2011
  • Student Nick Calder from the 2011 Political marketing class for new suggestions
  • 2012 Research assistant Phillip Wakefiel
  • 2012 745 graduate student Salote Mahe for suggestions on crisis management
  • Mike Burton from Ohio University for suggestions on experimental marketing
  • Edward Elder for his work to search for new literature for the 2nd edition of the textbook which was then added to this site; and new suggestions from when he tutored in a political marketing course in 2015
  • James Barrett for his updates as an RA in 2016
  • Research students such as Rachael Crosby and Lisa Kemp for sharing material they discovered during their projects
  • 2014 Pols 704 Political Management in Government students such as John Wilcox
  • 2014 Pols 345 Political marketing student Julia Debruyne for links on delivery
  • Tom James for his work to identify new audiovisual links for the site end of 2014
  • Ken Cosgrove from Suffolk University whose posts on the Political marketing group facebook provide great material for this site
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